Afternoon Tea with Sears and Kmart at Blogalicious 2012

Kmart Sears ShopYourWay Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

As many of you know, last weekend, I attended my first ever blogging conference: Blogalicious in Las Vegas, NV! It was an amazing event and I have a full recap (plus swag giveaway) coming very soon, but I wanted to share one of my favorite events during Blogalicious: the Afternoon Tea with ShopYourWaySears, and Kmart.

As we arrived, each guest was given the ShopYourWay gift bag you see above. I took a peek inside and saw an iPad case (they were giving away TWO iPads during the Afternoon Tea), plus a cute teacup with spoon, teabags, and even a USB coffee cup warmer. Cool stuff and it went perfectly with the Afternoon Tea theme.

While most of Blogalicious was inside of the Red Rock Convention area, the Afternoon Tea was held out on the Veranda Terrace. It was filled with small tables that seated 4-5 each and we’re covered in bright tablecloths with flower centerpieces.

Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious, hosted by Kmart, Sears, and Shop Your Way

As we arrived, we were greeted with these delicious Sweet Tea Vodka Arnold Palmer’s. I had no clue we’d get drinks like this at an Afternoon Tea, but I liked it!

Kmart Sears ShopYourWay Afternoon Tea Blogalicious

If you didn’t want an Arnold Palmer, there was also choices of soda and bottled water…

Soda drink options at Blogalicious ShopYourWay Afternoon Tea

And, of course, a tea and coffee bar…

Coffee & Tea at Afternoon Tea Party, hosted by Kmart, Sears, and Shop Your Way

While I didn’t dress up, many of the bloggers did. There was lots of beautiful hats and dresses. I snapped a shot of Wendy of Wendy’s Hat (right) and Thien-Kim Lam of I’m Not The Nanny. Don’t they look great?

Fashionable Attire at Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

We were spoiled with lots of delicious food and treats too. I loved how these lemon meringue pies looked and they were my favorite treat overall.

Pie at Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

There was also these beauties…which I think are linzer cookies with a raspberry filling? I didn’t have one of these because I didn’t want to get powdered sugar all over my black shirt (which is typical Brandie).

Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

I really love the look of layered desserts like this, but I have no clue what this actually was. It tasted like apricot to me, which isn’t one of my favorite fruits, but this was still quite good. I was curious if the foil on the top was edible and asked my friends at my table. Most said they thought it must be, so I ate it. I think it was edible. If not, I ate inedible foil and lived to tell the story about it.

Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

The dessert buffet table was decorated with this lovely grapefuit and orange fruit display.

Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

We had the most delicious little sandwiches….

Sandwiches at Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

Plus lots of fresh fruit to pick from too….

Fruit at Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

While this Afternoon Tea was wonderful enough, there was prizes given away too! ShopYourWay, Sears, and Kmart gave away two iPads and two  $100 gift cards to The Spa at Red Rock. Well, guess who won one of those gift cards because she tweeted the most during the event? Um, yeah…ME! How cool is that? The other winner of the gift card to The Spa was Chris of What I Run Into. The winners of the iPads were Swarthy of The Swarthy Suite and Catalina of

Gift Card to The Spa at Red Rock, Las Vegas

While there was plenty of time to chat and socialize at the Afternoon Tea, we also had the opportunity to learn a bit about ShopYourWay, Kmart, and Sears. They shared some of their history with us, plus details on where they are currently. I do have to say that if you don’t know what ShopYourWay is…well, you might be missing out! I like reading reviews on products, plus I’ve been using the reward program for about a year now when I shop at Sears and Kmart and I’ve been earning some really nice rewards! I’ve very happy with their program and encourage you to check it out.

It was a wonderful event and I know it was a favorite of lots of the bloggers at Blogalicious. I’m so glad I was able to take part and wanted to give a  big thank you to ShopYourWay, Kmart, and Sears for spoiling us!

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