Christmas in Vegas: Holiday Lights at Las Vegas Speedway

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Thanksgiving 2012 is now becoming a memory (well, after all those leftovers are finished it will be), and next up for our family is our son’s birthday. Once we finish that celebration, bring on CHRISTMAS!

My plan is that our Christmas tree, lights and decorations will all be up this weekend. This is the new plan after my previous plan to put it all up on Thanksgiving Day wasn’t going to work out.

Time will tell if we actually make it happen.

Before we get too far into the holidays, I wanted to share with you one of our Christmas traditions during the last several years. Ever since our kids were little, we would pick a night to get some hot chocolate or coffee (usually at a mini market) and drive around to see the Christmas lights in our town. But in recent years, we go to the Speedway to see Christmas lights.

For our family, drive-thru holiday lights started in Bristol, TN at the Speedway in Lights. Seeing them there is one of the coolest experiences. Not only is there millions of lights, but at the end, you ACTUALLY get to drive your own vehicle on the World’s Fastest Half Mile! The same Half Mile that NASCAR greats drive in their cars during the races– with the same 30 degree banking (with my husband loving it and me scared that our mini van will tip over).

Bristol Motor Speeday - Speedway in Lights

Digital scrapbooking layout about Bristol Motor Speedway – Speedway in Lights

When we moved to Las Vegas, I thought that Christmas in Vegas meant that we’d have to give up on the Speedway in Lights we loved so much. But, shortly after getting settled in our new home, we learned out tradition could continue!

Las Vegas Motor Speedway hosts Glittering Lights. You pile the entire family in the car and drive-thru approximately 2.5 miles seeing custom holiday light displays.

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Before you start your drive, they tell you a radio station to turn on in your car that plays Christmas carols while you work your way through all the festive lights.

Everyone always has a favorite and while we drive along, we are pointing and saying “ooh, look at that one” or “that’s cool”. I liked this Feliz Navidad display last year….especially the cactus with the Santa hat on it. I like this one not only because it’s in Spanish, but because it celebrates Christmas in warmer climates.

Glittering Lights Las Vegas

There are several displays at Glittering Lights that are specific to Vegas, such as this lighted Elvis display.

Glittering Lights Las Vegas

And it wouldn’t be Vegas without a little “Viva Las Vegas”….

Viva Las Vegas at Glittering Lights

You get to drive through several tunnels which are all decked out in lights — seeing a different side of the race track that you don’t normally get to see…or at least you don’t get to drive through…on a regular basis.

Glittering Lights in Las Vegas

There was dinosaurs, butterflies, nursery rhymes, Hanukkah menorah and dreidel, and other holiday displays too…

Glittering Lights Las Vegas

And even some public service announcements…

Glittering Lights at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

If you are in Vegas — either you live here or you are visiting — plan some time to head to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for some Christmas in Vegas fun. It’s open now through January 6th, 2013, pricing and hours can be found here:

TIP: Bring a bag of gently used items to donate to Goodwill of Southern Nevada and you’ll get $2 off your ticket price.

View of Las Vegas from Las Vegas Motor Speedway

View of Las Vegas from Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Do you have a drive-thru holiday light event in your area?

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