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Kraft Recipe Makers - Sweet and Sour Chicken

Summer has been really busy for us. Combine that with the high temps here in Vegas and I haven’t been wanting to cook much. Lately David will ask me what I want to have for dinner and I reply “something easy”. It looks like “something easy” has become our summer dinner motto.

Recently, I was invited to give Kraft Recipe Makers a try. Kraft Recipe Makers are new dinner starters that come with two savory sauces in the box. With the sauces, and fresh ingredients you add, you can make an easy homemade dinner any night of the week.

The timing was perfect for us. It was a Friday night, both my husband and I had been gone from home all day, and we had nothing planned for dinner. We really need a “something easy” dinner, so we headed off to Vons (our Safeway affiliate store) to pick up one of the Kraft Recipe Makers and the rest of the ingredients I would need for dinner (hmmm, and maybe some ice cream too).

I found the Kraft Recipe Makers conveniently located in the meat department. I quickly spotted the Sweet & Sour Chicken and since that’s a favorite of everyone in our house, it was an easy decision to pick that. I grabbed a package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and then headed to get all my other ingredients: a red bell pepper, pineapple chunks, and rice.

Kraft Recipe Makers at Vons

Before we left the store, we stopped for ice cream and we spotted another location for the Kraft Recipe Makers right near the frozen food. Do you see the side of the boxes in the image below? Each box of has 2 additional ways you can prepare the Kraft Recipe Makers — just turn to the side and you’ll see it. So, that means each box gives you 3 different ways to use it. There is even a variety of prep methods, including in a slow cooker, skillet or oven. Yay for versatility!

Kraft Recipe Makers at Vons

Back at home, we unpacked all our groceries. I got busy chopping the bell pepper and draining the pineapple chucks and my husband cut up the chicken breast.

Kraft Recipe Makers - Sweet and Sour Chicken

Most of the cooking happens with the Sesame Ginger sauce and gosh, did it make our house smell delicious! Our youngest son even stepped away from his video game and came into the kitchen to ask what smelled so good.

Kraft Recipe Makers - Sweet and Sour Chicken

It didn’t take long to cook and when it was finished, we had a colorful Sweet & Sour Chicken dish that we served over fluffy white rice. Everyone enjoyed it, even getting seconds…and there was no leftovers.

Kraft Recipe Makers - Sweet and Sour Chicken

With back-to-school coming soon, I think Kraft Recipe Makers will be a huge dinner help for lots of families. Check them out and give them a try – you can find Recipe Makers in seven delicious varieties to please all different tastes at your local Safeway affiliate store.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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