Easy and Festive Holiday Drink Recipes

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Easy & Festive Holiday Drink Recipes

The holidays are fast approaching, but the great news is that we still have over two weeks until Christmas. With some smart holiday planning, and time-saving ideas, we can get our holiday prep finished in time…and maybe even do a few new things too.

One of the places I’ve been finding lots of holiday ideas at is the Bed Bath & Beyond Holiday Your Way site. I’m not sure if they had it previous years, but if you are someone who loves lots of tips, tricks, and ideas to plan your holiday fun, you are going to love their site. They have everything from Holiday Recipes to Holiday Entertaining — including printable checklists, how-to videos, expert advice, and gift ideas. Each week, there are new ideas and videos add to help all of us prepare for all our holiday celebrations.

When it comes to entertaining this year, an area that I want to do better with is holiday drinks. I spend so much time on cooking, baking, and decorating, that drinks end up being a bit of an after-thought. I found lots of great recipes on the Bed Bath & Beyond website that have me realizing how easy it is to put together festive beverages that will be sure to impress.

Here are several easy & festive drink recipes that I’ve loving, and I think you will to:

Mocha EggnogIf you love eggnog and coffee, this is the drink for you. While the recipe includes popular Kahlua and Godiva liqueur, this can easily be left out for children or those who prefer a non-alcholic drink.

Maxine’s Wine & Berry Spritzer: Cranberries always look so beautiful in holiday drinks and this one is no exception. This refreshing drink combines cranberry juice with sparkling wine, plus raspberry sherbert.

Desiree’s Fruity Red Sangria: This recipe will take a bottle of red wine and transform it into a fruity beverage in minutes! You get to pick the fruits you include, allowing you to create a unique masterpiece for your guests.

Cran-Raspberry Cosmopolitan: It’s hard to believe how simple this sophisticated cocktail is to make, but it’s an easy-fix that’s sure to impress.

Pear and Elderflower Champagne Punch: This is a perfect make ahead drink idea — prepare most of the steps in advance and when the party starts, pour in the bubbly!

Nicole’s Coquito: Here’s one that I know my husband will love this holiday — it includes coconut milk and rum, two of his ultimate favorites.

If coffee is your thing, be sure to check out their tips for hosting your own coffee hour. It’s great for a casual get-together or as an after-dinner treat.

Of course, you can’t go wrong with wine for holiday entertaining. It’s an easy hostess gift too and Bed Bath & Beyond has tips for bringing the right wine and creative ideas for dressing up your bottle. If you are serving wine at home, be sure to check out their videos on which wine glasses to use, plus other must-have wine tools.

These holiday drink recipes and ideas are just a small sampling of everything the Bed Bath & Beyond website has — for more holiday recipes, tips, and ideas, visit Holiday Your Way. And before you go, leave me a comment and let me know which of these holiday drinks will you be making. I’d also love to hear what you usually serve to drink at your holiday parties — I’m always looking for new ideas!

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