Food Memories Monday: Kapusta, Fried Calamari, Chili Rellenos

Food Memories Monday

Happy Monday! It’s Food Memories Monday again and here are my picks for the week of 10/08/12. Every week I select 3 blog posts that I have found that share a food memory that I enjoy — sometimes it’s stories that make me cry, sometimes they make me laugh…sometimes they make me think.  Either way, I liked them and thought they would be a perfect fit for Food Memories Monday.

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Debi shares how the food at reception following a funeral service brought comfort and lifted their souls. It’s a lovely post that celebrates the food that connects us to our past.

Source: via Brandie on Pinterest

Fried Calamari

This post by Sherron is an excellent example of having food memories of a certain person, even when our memories with that person are limited in other ways. She doesn’t have a lot of memories of her Dad, but she does have vivid memories of her first experience with calamari with her Dad. It’s a beautifully written post and, yes, it had me tearing up, as I thought about my own Dad that I am missing so much.

Source: via Brandie on Pinterest

Chili Rellenos with Roasted Tomato Sauce

Not only did Bobbi create one of my favorite Mexican dishes, but it’s one that I haven’t made yet because I’m quite intimidated with it. She shares a story about how her mom didn’t cook, but of all meals to make, she decided to make this labor-intensive meal, as inspired by the Mexican woman that babysat Bobbi when she was young.

Source: via Brandie on Pinterest

See you next week with another Food Memories Monday!

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