Food Memories: Pineapple Juice

Pineapple Juice

As parents, I think we have our own expectations on the things we want our children to remember as they grow older.

I know when we took our two oldest children to Disneyland, we took them at ages 10 and 8 because we wanted them to remember everything from the trip. Every Christmas, I’ve always tried to make it a holiday they won’t forget. And birthday are always about memorable cakes, presents, and outings.

But, as usual, kids remind you that it’s truly the little things that matter.

In our home, I have a little thing I always do for my husband, David: I drain the pineapple juice from canned pineapple into a glass for him. It doesn’t matter if it’s pineapple chunks, rings, or crushed….they are all carefully drained into a glass for him to drink.

Recently, I was preparing dinner and opened a can of pineapple rings. Wellie, our daughter, was in the kitchen with me, and as always, I drained the pineapple juice for her Dad. She said, “that’s my childhood, right there: you saving the pineapple juice for Dad. I even remember it when I was little and if he wasn’t home, you’d save it and put it in the fridge.” She continued to tell me how she will forever view a can of pineapple this way.

The history behind me doing this is that when we were first married (over 21 years ago), David asked me to save the juice for him if I was going to get rid of it. He told me how when he worked for Domino’s that they would have a huge #10 can of Dole pineapple and they would drain the can in the morning getting ready for the day. Since he loves pineapple juice, he would sometimes drain the juice into a cup and he would drink it, even putting it in the freezer to enjoy later during the hot summer months. I’m sure he broke some rule by doing this, but that’s the story behind the whole “saving the pineapple juice for Dad” ritual.

I hadn’t thought to document this food memory, so I’m glad Wellie brought it up. It’s a quirky thing, but I’m thinking it will be something that our kids and future generations will want to know about.

Do you have a simple, yet quirky, food ritual?

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  1. says

    Love this! I always drain the pineapple and save it for my son and youngest daughter to fight over. Usually whatever I’m making calls for 2 cans so there’s enough for both. I wonder if they will have the memory when they are grown and gone and open up their own can of pineapple? I hope it’s one of many fond memories I’ve created for them.

    • says

      I’m so glad I can share in the “pineapple juice from the can” thing with someone! And I gotta smile at their being enough for both kids….when I was growing up, there was 6 of us and we all fought over who got to lick one of the beaters when our mom was mixing up some sweet treat. I can’t remember how my mom determined who got one, but I do remember being thrilled when it was me!

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