Grilled Pita Pizzas

If you love homemade pizza, but don’t want to heat up your oven during the summer, grilled pita pizzas is your answer. I will show you how easy they are to make, plus give you lots of topping ideas.
Grilled Pita Pizzas

Our family loves to have mini parties all through out the year. There are no “official” events — like birthdays and holidays — happening in our home this week. However, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating the everyday! We decided to have fun with a Grilled Pita Pizzas Party that each family member made themselves.

Papa Pita Greek Pita Flat Bread

Pizza is always great for parties and it’s quite common for me to make homemade pizza when we are having lots of people over. I usually make my own dough, but making pita pizzas is great way to simplify things. We made grilled pizza recently and, while it was delicious, making the dough took some work. With Greek pita bread (shown above, I bought them at Sam’s Club), your pizza crust is ready go to. They are 7″ in diameter, so they are a perfect “personal” sized pizza.

Greek Pita Bread for Grilled Pita Pizzas

If your family is like my family, you’ll want to have lots of toppings for your party. Everyone seems to like something different, so I was sure to accommodate that. Outside on our patio table, I set up two baking sheets that held bowls filled with all of our Grilled Pita Pizza toppings. We had baby bella mushrooms, green and red bell peppers, pepperoni, black forest ham, pineapple tidbits, onions, black olives…and more.

Grilled Pita Pizza Toppings

Such as, baby spinach leaves…
Baby Spinach Leaves

Artichoke hearts…

Artichoke Hearts

Broccoli florets…

Broccoli Florets

And sliced zucchini…

Sliced Zucchini

And, of course, shredded mozzarella cheese:

Shredded Mozzarella Cheese

Each family member put their own toppings on their Grilled Pita Pizza.

Making our own grilled pita pizzas

Some, like Courtney, included lots of different things, like ham, pineapple, olives, and bell peppers…

Grilled Pita Pizza with Ham, Pineapple, Black Olives

Others, like Mattie, didn’t want any vegetables and went straight for just the pepperoni and ham.

Grilled Pita Pizzas with Pepperoni

We set our Char-Broil TRU Infrared Gas Grill so that only the two outside burners were on low. The two middle burners were left off.  We carefully slid each pizza into the middle area of the grill so that they would get indirect heat.

Grilling Pita Pizzas

We found that the bottom of the crust was finished before the cheese was as melted as we would like, so we made use of our top warming rack. We rotated almost-finished pizzas to this rack and put fresh pizzas down on the grill.

Rotating Grilled Pita Pizzas

I just love my patio lights, so I had to slip a photo of them in here!

Patio Lights

When the pizzas were done, we cut each pizza into fourths.

Grilled Pita Pizza with Pepperoni

We ate them hot off the grill!

Grilled Pita Pizza with Spinach, Mushrooms, Pepperoni

We had a lot of fun with our Grilled Pita Pizza party. This was our first time using the Greek pita breads for pizza, but it was so easy that we’ll definitely be doing this again soon.

Grilled Pita Pizzas with Ricotta, Zucchini, Artichoke Hearts, Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms

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    I saw your tweet the other day and wanted to respond, but got sidetracked and never responded. But I LOVE that you made pizzas from the pitas! And I love how you had so many topping choices.

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    These look SO good!! Just like my favorite pita pizza I buy for lunch… I am so impressed by your food photography — I can never get anything to look tasty. So bravo for taking a class! That’s awesome!

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    I’ve told you that I’m moving in right? There would be no need for another baby, I could just fill that void and table place :-) Yummy viddles for sure.


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