Homemade Sushi – Digital Scrapbooking Layout

Homemade Sushi Digital Scrapbooking Layout

This digital scrapbooking layout is about the first time I made homemade sushi (March 2010). This was a fun dinner for us, so I wanted to be sure to preserve the memories of how our sushi night came to happen.

The journaling reads:

“After I tried sushi at a buffet restaurant, I was hooked. But Noelle was the only other family member who would really give it a try. I finally convinced David to try it, and he said it was “ok” — his biggest issue was the nori (seaweed). To see if I could get the family to enjoy sushi, I decided to make homemade sushi, with the help of David and Matthew. The end result? Almost everyone in our family now eats sushi! David tries any kind too! Lil David is the only one who still isn’t convinced of the greatness of sushi. But we’ll give him time to come around.”

And take a look at that bottom photo in the layout — I tend to always make too much of everything!

Digital scrapbook layout supplies used:

Do you eat sushi? What are your favorite kinds? Have you ever made sushi at home?

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  1. This almost makes me want to pick up scrapbooking again…almost. ;-) Too much on my plate these days. Btw, LOVE sushi!

  2. I used to scrapbook like a mad woman — I did creative memories for a long time. Heee… love Sushi – but veggie.

  3. This is so cute! And I totally need to try making sushi at home. I guess part of the perk of eating it at a restaurant is not having to make it.

    BTW, did your grilled pita pizzas on Saturday – so delicious! Thanks for the idea!!

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