Instagram Week in Review (July 15-23, 2012)

Since I’m taking lots of photos and sharing them on Instragram, I thought it would be appropriate for me to start doing an “Instagram Week in Review” like my friend Amanda is doing over at She’s even got a free Photoshop PSD file for download if you’d like to do the same (you can find it here).

Instagram Week in Review:

1. On the last day of Comic-Con, I bought an art print from my favorite booth in the exhibit hall, Steam Crow.

2. On our way home from Comic-Con, we stopped to visit with my sister-in-law & nieces. We had lunch with them at Chipotle.

3. David and I went to the premiere night of Surf the Musical at Planet Hollywood

4. Breakfast that I cooked for David and I: scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with roasted cherry tomatoes and whole mushrooms

5. Bought a $35 Bella Pie Maker on clearance for $7.97

6. Bought our new gas grill from Sears

7. It’s been looking stormy in Vegas a lot…but it didn’t rain (in our area) this week (unfortunately)

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  1. Looks like you had an amazing week!!

  2. I so need to learn how to enjoy / use Instagram better

  3. Cute B! Glad you found the template useful. Your new grill looks so cool. I bet David is purdy excited eh?

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