Kool-Aid Memories + Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake

I’m happy to be sharing this Kool-Aid MemoriesRainbow Kool-Aid Cake as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias. All opinions are 100% my own.

Like many people, I have quite a few Kool-Aid memories.

Growing up, we hardly ever had soda and we mostly drank water with meals. Sometimes we had juice or milk. But Kool-Aid was one of those things that we did have on a fairly regular basis. My dad used to collect the “points” on the envelopes, which could be saved up to redeem for Kool-Aid prizes. One time, he redeemed them for a white plastic Kool-Aid man shaped pitcher & matching cups. When my dad passed away last year and I went through his belongings, imagine my surprise to see that my dad still had that old Kool-Aid pitcher after all these years.

Today, I have a fun Kool-Aid cake to share with you that reminded me of my Kool-Aid memories. Liza at Addicted to Savings was sweet enough to share her Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake with Home Cooking Memories readers (thank you, Liza!). When I saw this cake, I was first in love with how colorful it was, but I like that it’s super easy. Without a doubt, making a cake like this is sure to create Kool-Aid memories with your family.

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Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake

When I was given the opportunity to purchase Kool-Aid products at Walmart, I jumped at the chance. I honestly have not had Kool-Aid since I was a child. And when I told hubby about this opportunity, his face lit up. He had Kool-Aid a lot as a kid and he was excited knowing that this opportunity meant that he would get Kool-Aid to drink!

To see my story in pictures, check out my Google + album HERE.

Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake 4

I headed to my local Walmart to purchase Kool-Aid. My goal was to purchase Kool-Aid to use in a new concoction. I’ve never used Kool-Aid to bake with and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect!  But I knew I would have fun experimenting with Kool-Aid!

Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake

I got to work on my cake. I had white cake mix and vanilla frosting stockpiled away in my pantry. So I decided, using four packets of Kool-Aid and one box of cake mix, to make a four layer Rainbow Kool-Aid cake.  Each layer I would designate a different Kool-Aid flavor packet to to give my cake a variety of colors and flavors. I used the Kool-Aid flavors Strawberry, Grape, Orange and Mixed Berry.

Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake

To get the full instructions, tips, and recipe for Rainbow Kool-Aid Cake, continue reading at the Addicted to Savings blog!

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    I love that sweet memory of you Dad and his Kool-Aid pitcher. We had one too, though I don’t remember where it came from. What a fun cake to make, love those happy colors!

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    Dear Brandie, Thank you for visiting…your rainbow cake looks so colorful and festive. What a wonderful idea….a wonderful memory of your father. Thank you for sharing. Blessings my dear, your friend, Catherine xo

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