Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

MTO Cafe is a Las Vegas restaurant offering fresh comfort food in the downtown area. I’m sharing our experience and what we ordered, as part of the #ReviewCrew.

Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

As I’ve shared before, David’s favorite meal to have out is breakfast. That guy gets seriously exciting if I say to him that I want to go out to breakfast. Part of the excitement is that we don’t go out to breakfast as much as we do lunch or dinner. Another part is that he’s just crazy about breakfast foods – eggs, pancakes, waffles, BACON…he loves it all.

On Saturday, I knew that we had to run an errand that would take us out of our usual 10 mile radius around our home and I decided it was the perfect opportunity for breakfast out. We have a lot of favorite breakfast places in Vegas, but I wanted to try something new. I went to the website and did a quick search. After browsing a bit, I spotted a restaurant I had never heard of: MTO Cafe.

I took a peek at the MTO Cafe menu and I wanted to eat it all: vegan carrot + coconut pancakes? sustainable salmon skillets? a fat Elvis sandwich? YES, PLEASE! The menu was creative and unique and the photos of the restaurant made me want to pay them a visit.

As with all of the restaurants listed in, I was able to purchase a discounted gift certificate for MTO Cafe. We decided to go with the $30 gift certificate, which we were able to buy for just $15. I printed it up and we were on our way.

Walking in, I knew I was going to like this place. There was art on the walls – such as this spray painted Mogul piece right near the front door. And — and this is big — there is plugs at every booth so you can charge your laptop or phone. I wish every restaurant would do this.

MOGUL Art at Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

The restaurant was bright with help of a large wall of windows that went from ceiling to floor. It was also clean…very clean. The decor was hip and stylish — from tables with a rusted look, to the ceiling fans, and more. I loved the mixture of wood and metal textures throughout.


Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

We were seated at a table and we took a closer look at the menu. There is options for everyone — meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans are all covered. And how could I not love their tagline: fresh comfort food. Not only is that the food I love to eat, but it’s the food I love to cook. MTO Cafe and I could be best friends….and I think we will.

Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

Coffee was a mandatory order for us. We drink coffee every morning and we left the house for MTO Cafe without a single drop. I can tell you that it tasted great, but the real test is with David. He is super picky with the coffee in breakfast spots, but the coffee at MTO Cafe was given a solid thumbs up by him.

Coffee at Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

For my breakfast, I ordered the Avocado Omelet, which came with avocado slices, tomatillo sauce, red onions, cilantro, poblano peppers, and jack cheese. The eggs were fluffy and delicious. The middle of the omelet had the perfect amount of cheese, and the tomatillo sauce was so good.

Avocado Omelet at Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

I also ordered a side of “mash browns”, mostly out of curiosity. I’m so glad I did order them because they were AWESOME. One of my biggest pet peeves at breakfast place is hash browns that have under-cooked potatoes. There was none of that here. All the potatoes were cooked and crispy on the outside. The middle of the mash browns was the best though — there is actually mash potatoes worked into the hash browns. Not some crazy amount, but just enough. Did hash browns just become even better? Why yes, I think they have.

Mashed Browns at Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

David ordered the “Kentucky Fried Chicken”, which was chicken, two eggs, mashed browns and a country gravy. He loved it — and even shared a bite of it with me, so I can tell you that it was excellent. I liked it so much that I think I might order this on my next visit.

Breakfast at Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

I can see MTO Cafe becoming a regular breakfast spot for us.  It was an excellent breakfast and I can’t wait to go back again. I think you’ll love it too — and if you aren’t a breakfast person, no worries — there is lots of wonderful sandwiches, wraps, and burgers too.

Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

MTO Cafe is conveniently located across from the Las Vegas City Hall, so if you work downtown or perhaps if you are here visiting and staying at one of the nearby hotels, they have downtown delivery available, all day, with no charge. Totally makes life easy for anyone who wants good food, but can’t get away from the office.

Las Vegas City Hall

If you will be picking up an order or want to dining in (which I recommend), there is convenient parking in a parking garage right behind the cafe. While there is a fee for parking, it’s minimal (less on weekdays than on weekends), but MTO Cafe will validate your parking which will give you $1.50 off. On the weekend, this meant we only had to pay $1.50 to park. On a weekday, it’s likely that your parking will be free after the validation ticket (depending on how long you dine).

Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe - Validation Ticket

To save money on your visit to MTO Cafe, don’t forget to get your certificate before you go:

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Art in Downtown Las Vegas Restaurant: MTO Cafe

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