Men in Black 3 Wisdom: “We need pie” #SEEMIB3

Apple Pie for Men in Black 3

Young Agent K: We need pie.

Agent J: What?

Young Agent K: My grand daddy always said, if you got problems that you can’t solve, helps to get out of your head. Pie, it’s good.

Is it possible to learn some wisdom from Men in Black 3? I think it might be….and this is my story:

I mentioned about a month ago that I was planning a Men in Black 3 viewing party. My husband & I missed it in theaters (our kids saw it though). Our son kept saying that he couldn’t wait for it to come out (by the way, it’s coming out this Friday, November 30, 2012). And while he does stalk Blu-ray & DVD movie release dates, what he didn’t know is that by pre-ordering it (which is what I did), that we would get to see it a whole 2 weeks earlier on VUDU.

Men in Black 3 on VUDU #SEEMIB3

I kept the early release a secret. And I started planning an early Men in Black 3 movie screening. My only problem…things were crazy. I had work deadlines falling around that time, Thanksgiving was the following week, our son’s birthday was 2 days after Thanksgiving, and getting the whole family together for a family movie night wasn’t working out.

With things being so busy, how I could I take some time off to enjoy a movie?? So I worked harder and longer because my goal was to enjoy our movie night but I knew I had responsibilities that had to be met.

And then I hit a wall.  Have you ever been working on something and you just can’t figure it out? Well, it happens to me more often than I care to admit and it happened this time. But I remember that it helps to step away and do something else. I don’t usually rely on a piece of pie to clear my head, but hey, it’s a pretty great way of gaining some clarity, don’t you think?

The answer was pie.

Apple Pie for MIB3

Yes, pie.

So I got off my computer, stepped away from my work, and made an apple pie. Pie plays a significant role in Men in Black 3 so I thought it would be the perfect movie treat, don’t you? And the entire family was home too so we could watch Men in Black 3.

And I even had sharp cheddar cheese on hand for those that wanted to try it, as seen in the movie. When my kids saw MIB3 in the theater, they asked me if people putting cheddar cheese on apple pie was a real thing…did people really do that? I told them that they sure did and explained how their great grandmother loved apple pie with cheddar cheese on it.

Apple Pie with Cheddar Cheese for Men in Black 3

Stepping away from what I was working on and getting into the kitchen to bake was the perfect answer. As I worked on the pie, I thought of things I wasn’t seeing while sitting at my computer. If you are interested in the recipe, I used the Old Fashioned Apple Pie at Simply Recipe (just the filling part).

And then the best part, was stepping away from my work to enjoy time with my family.

With our pieces of pie in hand, we got started watching Men in Black 3. I actually got my son to help get Men in Black going, without him actually knowing that’s what we were going to watch. He figured it all out —  VUDU was ready to go on our Blu-ray player and I just had to log in with my account name and password (it’s very simple). The “My VUDU” screen showed us immediately that we had the Men in Black 3…which Mattie was so excited about!

Men in Black 3 on VUDU

We also saw that we had our $5.99 credit, just for creating a VUDU account ready for us to use on another movie.

Men in Black 3 on VUDU

We selected on the screen that we wanted to watch Men in Black 3….

Men in Black 3 on VUDU

And just like that, it started playing. This was our first time watching a movie no VUDU, so I wondered if the quality would be good, but it was excellent.

I also really enjoyed MIB3 — I’m still going to say that the first Men in Black is the best one, but this one was funny, lots of action, and I even cried during it. I really liked the story. Oh, and James Brolin does such a awesome job as the younger Agent K.

Men in Black 3 on VUDU

We enjoyed our homemade apple pie and Men in Black 3 and had a wonderful family night together. Another memory making evening that makes me the happiest.

When I got back to my work, it flowed easily. It just took me stepping away from my deadlines….and pie.

Young Agent KYou see, I sense you not embracing the concept here. Pie don’t work unless you let it.

Don’t worry, Agent K…I’m letting it.

Apple Pie for Men in Black 3

For more information on the Men in Black 3 movie, which will be released this Friday, 11/30, visit:

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    • brandie says

      Me too, Lyuba! I love cheese, love pie, but was afraid to try it together. But it really did seem to compliment each other, so I can see why people do it. My son tried it and said it was pretty good, but that he probably won’t do it again.

  1. says

    Love the post – and that’s actually one of my favorite quotes, too! The only thing that could have made your post better is if the screenshot had been the one of them eating pie! Oh wait, maybe that would be TOO much pie. LOL

    • brandie says

      Thanks Nicole! I know…I actually realized it a bit too late. When I was doing the post, I thought, ugh…I should have included one of Mattie enjoying his first ever slice of apple pie with cheese on it! Of course, by the time I thought this, the pie was wiped out. Didn’t last long in our house.


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