Mom’s Macaroni Pasta Salad

Macaroni Pasta Salad

There are so many versions of Macaroni Pasta Salad, isn’t there? If you went to a potluck and 10 different people brought Macaroni Salad, I bet you’d end up with 10 different versions. I personally love all the differences. It’s fun listening to what is one person’s ideal Macaroni Pasta Salad versus another person. The same can be said of Potato Salad.

This recipe is nothing fancy. It’s very simple, but it’s my version of the Macaroni Pasta Salad I grew up with. It consists of only pasta, cucumbers, sweet pickles, hard-boiled eggs, paprika, and mayonnaise. You’ll notice in the photo below that I didn’t actually use “macaroni”…we use the term “macaroni” loosely around here. Basically, I use whatever small salad type pasta I’m in the mood for. This time I used tiny shells.

Ingredients for Macaroni Pasta Salad

Want to know a secret? I don’t eat the cucumbers in this salad. Well, I actually try to not spoon any onto my plate in the first place. Some always seem to get on my plate though. I used to never eat cucumbers, but over the last couple of years, I have started eating them on sandwiches. But, I still pick them out of this salad just like I did when I was younger. The rest of my family? They eat it all.


And, yes, if you were to ask me to bring Macaroni Salad to a potluck, this is the one I would most likely bring.

Now it’s your turn:

What do you put in your macaroni pasta salad?

Macaroni Pasta Salad with Cucumbers & Pickles

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  1. Ooh and yet another yummy veggie recipe I can use. Thanks! Now I am hungry at 11pm. Thanks :-) haaa

  2. Looking so delish!!! Yum!

  3. Looks like a recipe I’ve never had. And looks amazing!

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