My New KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

Every time I look at it on my counter top, I can’t believe that I actually own one, but it’s true…I do. I am the proud owner of a new, shiny red KitchenAid Stand Mixer!

This KitchenAid came to me as a complete surprise from my dad. Now, if you know my dad, you know that he is an extremely frugal person. He’s VERY careful about his purchases and not an impulsive buyer at all. This is completely out of the ordinary for him and so unexpected. We were talking on the phone one day and he asked me about things that I could use. I mentioned…hahahaha…a KitchenAid. I even added in that someday I’ll get one (and talked about all the food blog giveaways I enter for them).

My Dad asking me this question was NOT a hint. Maybe some of you would have picked up on this, but if you had my Dad…um, no. We chatted, got off the phone, and I didn’t think about it again.

That is, until about a week or so later.

I woke up (late) and walked out to the kitchen. Immediately I noticed, sitting on my sofa, was a brown cardboard box with the words “KitchenAid” across it. I stood across the room, afraid to approach it. I asked the kids, “what’s that?”. They shrugged their shoulders and said that Lil David had brought it into the house when he left for work. I immediately called for my husband, who was outside trimming our bushes, and asked him if he knew anything about it. He looked just as puzzled as I did.

I opened the packaging slip and it was then that I realized that my Dad had bought it for me. I was shocked. The note included said that smiles might by in very short supply, but that maybe this would help a little. His note refers to my sister passing away just a few weeks before.

Of course, my dad was tracking the delivery and he called me as soon as he got home. I couldn’t thank him enough. I told him how surprised I was. He told me that he was thinking he would get me a KitchenAid sometime after he retired.  But, if my family has learned anything in the past (almost) 2 months is that don’t put things off. You don’t know what tomorrow holds. After talking with a friend, he decided that I could use it now for all my cooking and baking projects.

I made whipped cream in it for Christmas — oh wow! So much faster than my hand mixer! My current project: marshmallows! I’m trying something new that I hope I can get to work. I should be able to share those with you soon.

And, I know he’ll read this, so…thank you, Daddy! I love you. ♥

EDITED TO ADD: My dad suddenly passing away on January 23, 2012 — just over a month after receiving this gift. He even left a comment on this post (see below). You can read about his passing here: In Memory of my Dad

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  1. Becca H. says

    I am so jealous! LOL! I think I’ll start dropping hints to DH about one for my birthday. The hard part will be picking out a color. :)

  2. says

    Pretty red, love it! I had been asking for one, for years. Several years ago on our anniversary hubby bought me one. I know some women would be upset to get such a gift on an anniversary, but not me! I love it.

  3. says

    Congrats!!! I LOVE the red Kitchen Aid. This has been on my want list for many years. still waiting, but hopefully someday soon. Can’t wait to see all the goodness you make with it.

  4. Daddy says

    Dear Brandie: Very,very nice…but of course you know me, I notice the photos, then I read the article and cry through it a number of times…and I bet you knew I would! I was as happy to get this for you as I’m sure you’ll enjoy it thru the years..Love Daddy

  5. says

    How fun and sweet of him! I love your shiny red! Mine is black and sits lonely in the corner because I am so “old school” that I LOVE doing everything by hand. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister. Wow.


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