Our Favorite Pumpkin Bread

I remember having quick breads as a child – like pumpkin bread and zucchini bread – and thinking they were the greatest thing in the world. I thought it was cool that it was called “bread” but it was like a dessert.

I recently made a new pumpkin bread recipe that I’ve enjoyed so much that I just had to share it with all of you. It’s our favorite pumpkin bread recipe – I love the flavor and how incredibly moist it is.

Get the recipe here:  Easy Pumpkin Bread Recipe

It’s a perfect pumpkin bread for gift giving too – and I show you how to wrap it all up using an old Starbucks gift bag. This pumpkin bread was also the one you might have seen in my post on creative food gift ideas

Since these breads were for gift giving, I allowed the bread to fully cool and I wrapped the entire bread and pan with plastic wrap. You could also remove the bread from the pan for gift giving, but I like the extra sturdiness of the pan, so I left it on. I took a Starbucks gift bag, cut off the handle and the base with decorative edged scissors, and wrapped the bread (with the outside of the bag on the inside). I secured it all with a bit of a glue stick and tied it up with some raffia.

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