Shopping for a New Grill at Sears

I’m into my second week of my Sears Grilling Photography class and as promised, I’m sharing all of my assignments right here on my blog. This week, we learned more about the path-to-purchase process.

The main focus of our class this week was about taking photos that tell my shopping story effectively — also know as my “path-to-purchase” process. My family and I will be buying a new grill at Sears soon, so I headed to our local Sears to take photos of my process. I thought it would be fun to not only show you the photos that I took, but to explain *why* I took the photos that I took and the purpose the photo plays in sharing my path-to-purchase process.

The Photo: Exterior of the Sears store

Why I Took It: I took this photo because it clearly shows where I am shopping at. It’s a great way to introduce my path-to-purchase experience, so I often take a photo of the exterior of the store I am shopping at. I’m also sure to capture the store name, which clearly illustrates the stores branding.

The Photo: The first grill we reviewed

Why I Took It: I took this photo because it was the first grill we saw as we entered the Sears Grilling area. Usually for me, the first item I see in an area I will be shopping in, catches my eye. If it seems to be what I am looking for at first glance, I will give it an even closer look. For us, this grill seemed like it could be what we are looking for in a grill.

The Photo: Closeup of the grill price & details

Why I Took It: I took this photo it shows details that I actually read about this grill. I generally rely on these types of signs when I am looking to make a purchase, so having a bulleted list on a sign with key information is extremely helpful to me. I want to quickly get to know this grill and I don’t want to have to search for info like the amount of BTU’s and the total square inches of cooking area. This sign gave me all that info and more. Also, taking this photo tells my readers more about what I am shopping for.

The Photo: Steamer details

Why I Took It: I took this photo because it caught my eye and it did for many of the same reason I took the closeup photo of the grill price and detail sign. This large sticker was on the grill on one of the surface areas and it gave me even information. This grill comes with an exclusive steam basket, so this large sticker explained to me exactly what the steamer basket is and why I might like it. Seeing this info was extremely helpful to me, because while I had seen on the grill price/detail sign that it came with a steamer basket, but I had no clue what that actually meant until I read this sticker.

The Photo: Kenmore Natural Gas Conversion Kit

Why I Took It: One of the main things we are looking for in the new grill we buy is the ability to hook it up to natural gas. We talked to one of the sale associates at Sears (who were very helpful) and in order to do that, we would need a grill that is capable of having a natural gas conversion, which is done with one of the kits in the photo above. This first grill we’ve been looking at is one that is able to use this kit. I took this photo because it’s an important part of the grill we will end up buying and I was happy to see what our local Sears had the item in stock and right there in the Sears Grilling area.

The Photo: Bottom of the grill, inside the cabinet

Why I Took It: The next grill we buy has to have a storage area underneath, with doors that open to access the area. We would like the area to be fairly enclosed, possibly with shelves. I took this photo because it’s an important area for us when considering what grill to buy. I want my readers to see what I saw when I opened the bottom cabinet doors. As you can see, this grill does have an enclosed area below the grill, it does have doors, and it has a small wire shelf. So far, this grill is meeting our expectations.

The Photo: Second grill we reviewed

Why I Took It: The second grill we reviewed used what was called TRU Infrared. When we opened the hood on the grill, we were quite surprised to see these grates that looks much different than the first. So, I took the photo because the inside of this grill surprised me and had me wanting to know more. I also took it because I wanted to share this new type of grill with my viewers — have you seen this? Do you have one? Seeing this, led to me to the next photo — questioning why it looked like this.

The Photo: Char-Broil TRU Infrared information

Why I Took It: After seeing the Char-Broil TRU Infrared, I wanted to know more about it and I wanted to figure out if this new technology would benefit me. There was this tag attached to the grill with lots of information about it, so we took the time to read what it had to say.

The Photo: Closeup of grill knob with temperature guage

Why I Took It: I took this photo of a closeup of the knobs because it offered something unique — it had little temperature gauges for each burner. I like the idea of having a different gauge on each burner from a different angle. I wouldn’t buy a grill just  because it has this feature, but it would be an added perk and could sway me to buy it if there was other things I liked too. I try to take photos at different angles, and as close up at possible, so my viewers can get a good look at exactly what I saw.

The Photo: Clearance grill

Why I Took It: I took this photo because the clearance sign caught my eye, so I headed over to it so see if it would work for us. I’m all for saving money! Upon closer look, we decided that this grill wasn’t for us. We are wanting a grill that larger than this, plus we are wanting one that can have a natural gas conversion, which could be done on the first two grills we looked at.

Overall, we looked at three grills and upon leaving, we had pretty much decided that the first one with the exclusive steamer basket would be for us. I’m going to do some review checking on the  Sears  website, etc (this is a MUST for any major purchase we make) and then this week we’ll be heading out to buy our new grill.

I hope you enjoyed this special peek into my own personal “path-to-purchase” process…and I would love to hear about yours! Do you have anything that is a absolute must in your own personal “path-to-purchase” process? Do you check reviews? Do you write a shopping list? Are clear price signs important to you?

Disclaimer: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Sears #CBias #GrillingIsHappiness. All photos and opinions are my own.

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    So, next comes pics of all of us at the patio party you’re throwing with your new grill, right? just kidding!
    Loved seeing the way you think as you go through to purchase this item. :)

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