Motivation & Rewards for Healthy Living

Walgreens Steps with Balance Rewards

Keeping myself motivated towards healthy living choices is proving to be a challenge. Some things come fairly easy. Increasing whole grains? No problem. Eating more fruits and vegetables? Done. Drinking more water? I've got it covered. But getting in more steps in my day? Ugh. Lately, I've been using something that is motivating me --  and the best part? It's rewarding me for my healthy choices. … [Read more...]

Homemade Gift Idea: Framed Recipe Cards

Homemade Gift Idea: Framed Recipe Cards (hanging from ribbon)

Looking for a homemade Valentine's Day gift idea for someone who loves to cook? Or maybe you love to cook and someone special is always raving about the food you make? Making framed recipe cards, hanging from ribbon, is an easy gift that's perfect for Valentine's Day or any special occasion -- you might even want to make one for yourself. … [Read more...]

New Year’s Party Food Ideas


Do the holidays tire you out? I sure do love them, but by the time New Years rolls around, I'm exhausted! But, no matter how tried I was, I could skip having a New Years Eve celebration with the family. It's our tradition to have a little party at our home...we enjoy some drinks and party food and then we plan either a movie night or games. For New Year's Eve this year, we decided to watch the movie, Looper, as it came out on Blu-ray on January 31. Everyone wanted to watch it and even … [Read more...]