Favorite Events at the Blogalicious 2012 Blogging Conference

Favorite Events at Blogalicious 2012

It's been about a month since the Blogalicious 2012 blogging conference,  and while there is so much I could share, there was 5 sessions and events during this Vegas conference that left a lasting impression on me. I have put together a list of the ones that I have thought about often over the last month and if I could go back in time, I would want to attend them again. 1. Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea I've already done a whole post on the Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea, so be sure to check … [Read more...]

Afternoon Tea with Sears and Kmart at Blogalicious 2012

Pie at Shop Your Way Afternoon Tea at Blogalicious

As many of you know, last weekend, I attended my first ever blogging conference: Blogalicious in Las Vegas, NV! It was an amazing event and I have a full recap (plus swag giveaway) coming very soon, but I wanted to share one of my favorite events during Blogalicious: the Afternoon Tea with ShopYourWay, Sears, and Kmart. As we arrived, each guest was given the ShopYourWay gift bag you see above. I took a peek inside and saw an iPad case (they were giving away TWO iPads during the Afternoon … [Read more...]

Grilled Pita Pizzas

Grilled Pita Pizzas

If you love homemade pizza, but don't want to heat up your oven during the summer, grilled pita pizzas is your answer. I will show you how easy they are to make, plus give you lots of topping ideas. Our family loves to have mini parties all through out the year. There are no "official" events -- like birthdays and holidays -- happening in our home this week. However, that doesn't stop us from celebrating the everyday! We decided to have fun with a Grilled Pita Pizzas Party that each family … [Read more...]

Photographing Food on the Grill


I'm into the 4th week of my food photography course, courtesy of Sears Grilling. This week, our assignment was to photograph three meals, in the process of being grilled, from a variety of angles, lighting, etc. This assignment wasn't about the steps or the recipe, it was just about the actual grilling, so please excuse the lack of recipes and step-by-step instructions. I do hope you'll enjoy seeing some of the shots I captured: … [Read more...]

Shopping for a New Grill at Sears


I'm into my second week of my Sears Grilling Photography class and as promised, I'm sharing all of my assignments right here on my blog. This week, we learned more about the path-to-purchase process. The main focus of our class this week was about taking photos that tell my shopping story effectively -- also know as my "path-to-purchase" process. My family and I will be buying a new grill at Sears soon, so I headed to our local Sears to take photos of my process. I thought it would be fun to … [Read more...]

A Food Photography Journey #SoFabU


It was many years ago, probably 15 years or so, that I was talking to my husband about food photography. I was looking at a Mexican food take-out menu and I thought the photos of the dishes looked unappetizing. I told him that this was the reason why I would NEVER take food photos. I told him that food was hard to photograph and I would never want someone to think my food was gross, just by the horrible photo I took. … [Read more...]