5 Healthy Choices I’m Making

5 Healthy Choices I'm Making

Making healthy choices isn't always easy. I got off track with my eating during most of 2012, so I've been determined to get back on track in 2013. But the changes I'm making haven't involved making huge changes, but rather some fairly simple shifts in what I'm doing. … [Read more...]

Our Romantic Dinner & Coffee at Home

Romantic Dinner & Coffee at Home

This past week, I put together a romantic dinner and coffee at home surprise for my husband. He is usually the one who takes me out for a date night during Valentine's Day week, but I wanted to do something he wouldn't expect: a steak dinner for two, completed with dessert and Starbucks coffee. … [Read more...]

Easy Dinner: Arugula Pizza

Easy Dinner Idea: Arugula Pizza

After falling into a pizza topping rut, I decided to try a new, easy dinner idea: Arugula Pizza. We have pizza almost every week, but we had been having the same old pizza toppings over and over again, and it's been enough to make me want to skip our weekend pizza ritual. But this changed things up and it was a fairly healthy pizza too. … [Read more...]

Men in Black 3 Wisdom: “We need pie” #SEEMIB3

Apple Pie for Men in Black 3

Young Agent K: We need pie. Agent J: What? Young Agent K: My grand daddy always said, if you got problems that you can't solve, helps to get out of your head. Pie, it's good. Is it possible to learn some wisdom from Men in Black 3? I think it might be....and this is my story: I mentioned about a month ago that I was planning a Men in Black 3 viewing party. My husband & I missed it in theaters (our kids saw it though). Our son kept saying that he couldn't wait for it to come out (by … [Read more...]

The Amazing Spider-Man Family Fun Night

The Amazing Spider-Man Family Fun Night

Mattie's most favorite superhero is Spider-Man, so to celebrate the upcoming release of The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray & DVD this Tuesday, November 9, our family held a fun -- and fairly simple - Amazing Spider-Man Family Fun Night! To hold my event, I was one of several bloggers who received a advanced copy of The Amazing Spider-Man. Not only was Mattie thrilled about this, but so was my oldest daughter who is a huge Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone fan. … [Read more...]

Men in Black 3 early access viewing party #SEEMIB3

Men in Black 3 Pre-Purchase Early Access #SEEMIB3

During the summer, one of the movies that the kids went to go see, but David and I didn't, was Men in Black 3. We were in Virginia while my sister was ill, and it was the second time this year I had to be away from the kids for an extended period of time. But, I tried my best to make sure they had fun while we were gone and one of the things I arranged was for them to go to the movies to see Men in Black. With MIB3 coming out next month in November, Mattie is super excited to finally … [Read more...]

Avengers Family Fun Night Ideas

Avengers Family Fun Night Ideas

I am a geeky mom of a geeky family that loves super heroes! Avengers is the ultimate when it comes to super hero movies and we are beyond excited for it come out on DVD & Blu-Ray, this Tuesday, September 25, 2012. To celebrate the upcoming release, our family held an Avengers Family Fun Night! Here's what we did and what you can do too: … [Read more...]

Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Parfaits with Smarties Whipped Cream #TCBYGrocery


I can't believe summer officially started this week -- I feel like it's been summer forever in Las Vegas. In an effort to cool us off, and enjoy one of the evenings when ALL of my kids are home, I planned to make a tropical dessert to go along with our weekly pizza night. Both of the oldest kids would be home and I thought it would be fun to have a little treat that would be super easy to pull together and celebrate the flavors of summer. We headed to Walmart to pick up "take and bake" pizza, … [Read more...]