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Chocolate Ice Cream Bowls

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  • 12 bags First Street Milk Chocolate Chips (12oz each; amount actually needed will depend on how many you wish to make)
  • 6 oz First Street Milk Chocolate Chips (this is in addition to above)
  • First Street Dec-O Toppes or other edible toppings (such Rainbow Crystals, Dandy Daisies, Dark Chocolate Sprinkles, such as chopped nuts)
  • Water Balloons
  • Wax Paper


  1. Blow up several water balloons. You will need one balloon per ice cream cup. Have extra balloons on hand in case any of them pop. Line a baking sheet or tray with wax paper.
  2. Melt chocolate chips according to package directions.
  3. With a spoon, put a small amount (size of a quarter or so is fine) of melted chocolate on the wax paper. Dip the bottom of a balloon in the melted chocolate to coat it completely. Place the bottom of the balloon directly on top of the chocolate you placed on the wax paper. Repeat with remaining balloons.
  4. Allow chocolate dipped balloons to get firm. If your home is very warm, or to speed up the process, you may want to place them in a refrigerator. When chocolate is firm, pop balloons with a thumbtack or pin. Discard popped balloons.
  5. Place each First Street Dec-O Toppes (or other edible topping) in separate bowls. Melt an additional 6oz of milk chocolate according to package directions. Dip the top of each chocolate bowl in the newly melted chocolate and then dip in the topping of your choice. Return each bowl to the wax paper. Refrigerate again, if necessary, to firm up the chocolate.
  6. To use, place a chocolate bowl on a plate or in a bowl. Fill bowl with ice cream and top, as desired, with other sundae toppings.
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