Home Cooking Memories is a family food blog that not only shares creative & easy recipes that are making memories in my home, but also shares modern-day recipe keeping techniques and ideas so you can preserve your own food & recipe memories.

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Welcome to  Home Cooking Memories! I’m Brandie and this is my blog. I’m married to David and we live in Las Vegas, NV with our 4 children (ages 23, 22, 16, 13).

I’ve been blogging for several years — I started my first family blog in 2004, but Home Cooking Memories was launched in the beginning of 2010. I began Home Cooking Memories because I wanted to motivate myself to cook at home (more often) for my family. I realized one day that the food I was cooking, was creating strong memories and traditions for my kids. That they had clear stories of the first time I made a dish they loved, or they remembered the specific details surrounding a certain meal. I wanted to continue to nurture these food memories….but that meant not going through the drive-thru as often.

But, while I enjoy cooking and baking, sometimes I don’t want to cook, or I don’t feel like I have enough time. The good news is that I don’t have to create complicated recipes. My family loves my cooking just as much when it’s an easy dinner that takes me 15 minutes, compared to one that takes me hours. And it creates just as many memories. Because of this, you’ll find that many of my recipes are easy to make and/or don’t have a lot of ingredients or steps.

In addition to the recipes, I also share modern-day recipe keeping techniques and ideas so you can preserve your own family traditions and food memories. It is my hope that you’ll be inspired to preserve your family traditions, recipes, and food memories — even if they are new to you and not handed down from previous generations. Some ways I enjoy saving these are through this blog, scrapbooking (usually digitally), recipe cards, journaling, crafting, and more. It really doesn’t matter how you do it, just as long as you do it. Find what works for you.

While most everything behind Home Cooking Memories is me, I don’t do it alone. My husband plays a large part — he assists with photography (particularly at events), occasionally shares his own content and is the biggest cheerleader a girl could ever hope for. Oh, and he has two more important jobs: being my taste tester and chief dishwasher. I cook, he cleans. Pretty sweet deal, if you ask me.

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