Food Memories of Hostess: Wonder Bread and Twinkies

Food Memories of Hostess - Twinkies, Wonder Bread

It was announced today that Hostess Brands, Inc. has shut down all operations.

No more Twinkies, Wonder Bread, Ho Ho’s, and Sno Balls.

Well, unless there is some change or the brands are purchased and put back on store shelves. Time will tell, that’s for sure.

Food Memories of Hostess: Wonder Bread & Twinkies

I’m someone who is saddened by this closure. Mostly because of the people who will be affected. One plant is located right here locally in Henderson, NV.

But I’m also saddened because it’s the loss of an iconic brand. Yes, it’s America’s junk food and I’m there are some who are happy to see it go, but I’m not. While reading and trying to understand about the end of Hostess, I thought back to my own happy memories of the Hostess brand.

Food Memories of Hostess: Wonder Bread

Not a shortage (yet) on Wonder Bread in grocery stores on November 16, 2012

My favorite food memory of Hostess brands is about Wonder Bread.

When I was a kid, we trick-or-treated at a house that gave out little loaves of Wonder Bread, instead of candy. They were exactly like the big, regular sized loaves, even down to the wrapper, except they weren’t sliced. And, my own kids went trick-or-treating at a house and they were given the same type of mini loaf of Wonder bread.

Food Memories of Hostess: Wonder Bread

I loved it when I got that mini loaf of Wonder Bread — and so did my kids when they got one. Two generations in our house have this memory and it looks like that’s where it ends. Everyone can get candy on Halloween, but that was the “treat” that left a great memory.

Food Memories of Hostess - Ho Hos, Sno Balls, donettes

I asked my husband if he had a favorite Hostess memory.

He said he did — when he thinks of Hostess, he thinks of the 1970’s, when Hostess bakery items, like Twinkies, would have baseballs cards on the box that you could cut out. He remembers getting those boxes and carefully cutting along the dotted line to cut out the baseball cards to add to his collection. And, luckily, none of his siblings collected baseball cards so they were all his.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t have them anymore, but the memory remains.

Hostess Wonder Bread Display in Grocery Store

So while working on this article, I realized that I didn’t have photos of Hostess brand products, so the kids and I headed out for a search of Twinkies.

We didn’t find a single package. Everything was pretty wiped out, but as we gave up on the Twinkies, my oldest reminded me that we could probably find Twinkies at The Zombie Apocalypse store here in Las Vegas. And then I remembered…I had already taken a photo of Twinkies while visiting the store!

My fellow Zombieland fans will understand the reference:

Rule #32: Enjoy The Little Things (Twinkies - Zombieland)

Oh, and in the end, after 3 stops on our Twinkie hunt, we did come home with a loaf of Wonder Bread, Hostess Donettes, a package of Ho Ho’s and a package of Sno Balls. They’ll stay good forever, right? 😉

I know we aren’t the only ones with memories of Hostess…….

What’s your favorite Hostess memory?

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    • brandie says

      I agree…I’m hoping something turns around, at the very least for all the people affected, so close to Thanksgiving and Christmas too. On a personal, much less important note, I’ve just realized that I never had fried Twinkies on a stick…but I suppose I’ll live. 😉 Thanks for commenting, Arlene.

  1. says

    Don’t know if you heard but there’s talk about a compromise between the company and the bakers (the reason why Hostess shut down) so still hope!

    They’re our only apocalypse food! Plus I love their Twinkies.

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