Sweet Cherry Peppers Relish

Sweet Cherry Peppers Relish

I’m quite the sandwich fanatic. And while I do make them at home, I actually prefer a sandwich that someone else makes for me in a sandwhich shop or deli. Quite often, the sandwich places we go to have a sweet & slightly spicy pepper relish that David and I are always sure to get.

About a week ago, we were planning on grilling some of the Farmer John Smoked Sausages that I had sent to me and I had this relish on my mind. We headed to the grocery store and I looked in the pickle and bottled pepper area for a pepper relish.

I found none.

Not a single one.

This is not to say that another store doesn’t offer a sweet and spicy relish, but I had no interest in going to another store. So, I did what any food blogger would do….I decided to make my own.

I spied this jar of Mezzetta Sweet Cherry Peppers on the store shelf. It was 16 oz and under $2 for the jar. It looked like it was work, so I bought it.

Mezzetta Sweet Cherry Peppers

Back at home, I drained off all of the liquid from the cherry peppers. Then I cut the stems off of the peppers. Well, I started cutting them off and then realized that you can actually pull them off rather easily. Do what works best for you.

TIP: You might want to keep the jar to store your finished Sweet Cherry Pepper Relish, but that’s entirely up to you.


The cherry peppers were put into my food processor for a fun whirly ride. And, yes, seeds and all. Don’t worry, these sweet cherry peppers are mild.


I pulsed it until all the peppers were chopped up into tiny bits. I added some honey and a bit of olive oil, pulsed it to combine it all and it was all done!


This relish has a mild spiciness, so if you like a bit of spicy, but nothing too hot, this would work for you.


Serve on your favorite sandwich, hot dog, or sausage. YUM!

Sweet Cherry Peppers Relish on Smoked Sausages

Sweet Cherry Peppers Relish
  • 16 oz jar sweet cherry peppers, drained & stems removed
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  1. Place cherry peppers in a food processor with metal blade. Pulse until chopped into very small bits. Add honey and olive oil and pulse until well combined with cherry peppers.
--If relish is too thick, add another ½ - 1 tablespoon olive oil.

--I didn't feel this relish needed additional salt, but feel free to season with salt if you feel it is needed.

--Keep your empty cherry pepper jar to store leftover relish in your refrigerator.

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