Free Printable for Coffee Lovers: “Good Days Start with Coffee and You”

Connecting over coffee with my husband is one of my favorite things. But, I wasn’t always a coffee drinker, so I’m sharing how our coffee moments started, plus offering a free printable for you to share with someone special.

Connecting over Coffee + Free Coffee Printable #shop

David has always been a coffee drinker. I haven’t been. I would drink a bit of it here or there, or maybe if we were out having breakfast, but not much beyond this.

For years, David (somewhat) quietly wished that I was a coffee drinker. He wanted a coffee drinking buddy. Someone to sit and relax with while drinking a cup of our favorite joe. Someone to have coffee conversations, like what our favorite blend is. Or to share excitement about the latest flavor of coffee creamer. This wasn’t us though…he was all on his own.

When we moved from sunny California to the east coast , suddenly I find myself freezing in the winter cold. It was much different than the SoCal life I was used to. One morning, as a means of warming up, I drank a cup or two of coffee. I would hold that hot cup of coffee like a prized jewel. And before I knew it, it was comforting morning ritual. I would start work and David would make his usual pot of coffee. He’d make me a cup, or two…or three…every morning.

Connecting over Coffee + Free Coffee Printable #shop

When David is home from work, this is how it is today our home. He grinds the beans, makes the pot of coffee, and makes my cup of coffee just right — even better than I can make it for myself. We sit together, enjoy our coffee and connect before we get started with our busy day.Connecting over Coffee + Free Coffee Printable #shop

If he is working away from home, which means he’s awake and gone before I wake up, we still connect through coffee because he gets the coffeemaker all ready for me. He fill it with water and fresh ground coffee — so that it’s ready for me to turn on when I wake up. Sometimes he even sweeter and leaves me a handwritten note. Even when we are apart, coffee brings us together.

I’m now officially David’s coffee drinking buddy. We try new coffees together and get excited when things like Coffee-mater Pumpkin Spice or Peppermint creamer starts showing up in stores in the fall. We even have a thing for great coffee cups and have the quite the collection now.

Connecting over Coffee + Free Coffee Printable #shop

I love our morning ritual and the way it connect us before we start our busy day. I know that many of you have great coffee connections with someone special too, so I have created a free printable for you that says “Good Days Start with Coffee and You”. It’s sized 5×7″ so it’s easily printable on most home printers.

Click the link or image below to download your free coffee printable. After you click, it will open up a high resolution image of the printable. On that image, right-click and save to your computer.

Terms of Use: You are free to print and use this file, however they are not to be sold or used for commercial gain. You are welcome to share a link to this page, but the actual file may not be offered for download on any other website or blog.

Free Printable: Good Days Start with Coffee and You

Free Printable: Good Days Start with Coffee and You

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  1. says

    I love coffee with cream. I wish I was a bigger pumpkin fan, but definitely this creamer would be great to have on hand for guests. I love CoffeeMate creamers. Long time no see dropping in to say hi & to pin.

  2. Aly says

    Good job on this! I was wondering if I could print this off and use it in a coffee basket I am putting together for a school fundraiser? The basket will be “sold” at auction, but all the proceeds go to support our local school. Thank you!


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