Grilled Banana Dessert Bar

Putting together a Grilled Banana Dessert Bar is simple and sure to be a hit with family and friends at your next summer BBQ! I’ll show you how to make grilled bananas, plus give you plenty of topping ideas.

Grilled Banana Dessert Bar -- sure to be a hit with family & friends at your next cookout or BBQ!

Grilling is a major part of our summer. We do grill year-round, but the summer is when we kick it up a notch. Dessert isn’t always part of our grilling (much to the disappoint of my kids), but on holidays, like 4th of July and other random times, it’s fun to make a dessert that can be made on the grill.

While s’mores are a favorite dessert to have when we are grilling, this year we finally got around to trying stuffed grilled bananas after hearing about them from friends. They are really easy to make and inexpensive too. Plus, including a lot of topping choices, like we do, is easy because you don’t need much for each banana. Each kids makes their own, which is always a hit in our house. No two bananas are topped the same!

To make grilled bananas, you will want one banana per person. Hold the banana so it curves upward and cut a slit from the stem to the opposite end through the top of the peel and through the banana, but making sure you don’t cut through the peel on the other site.


Open up the banana a bit and start stuffing it with your desired toppings.

Grilled Bananas

I like to set up a a variety of toppings — things like granola, coconut, marshmallows, chocolate chips, chopped pecans, peanut butter chips, and graham cracker pieces. I placed most of my toppings in small 4 oz canning jars.

Grilled Banana Toppings

I even include some honey and cinnamon sugar too, which are delicious additions.

Grilled Banana Toppings

After you have filled your banana, it’s wrapped up in foil and placed on the grill.

Grilled Bananas

After grilling, the skin will get a bit dark (depends on how long you keep it on the grill), but the inside with be full of warm, gooey, and delicious!

Grilled Bananas

Stuffed Grilled Bananas


  • Bananas (1 per person)
  • Foil
  • Assorted Toppings: chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, granola, coconut, marshmallows, chopped pecans, peanut butter chips, graham cracker pieces, strawberries, crushed pineapple


  1. Heat grill to medium heat.
  2. Hold a banana with the curve upwards. With a knife, carefully cut a slit in one side peel, from the stem to the opposite end, similar to how you cut up a baked potato. Take care to make sure you don't cut through to the other side of the peel. With fingers, gently open up the banana a bit. Add toppings as desired inside of the banana. Wrap banana up in foil (either heavy duty foil or a double layer of thinner foil).
  3. Place on grill for about 8-10 minutes, or until toppings are melted as desired and banana has softened. Remove from grill, open up foil and serve.

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  1. I love grilled bananas! They are so different, yet so incredible! Love your recipe and the idea of making a dessert bar!

  2. Okay now, this dessert is just too much fun!!! Love it, love it, love it!

  3. Oh my goodness! I remember doing these in girl scouts as a kid. What a great memory :)

  4. My mouth is watering looking at those pictures. Great recipe!!

  5. This is such a cute idea! It is so quick and mess free and everyone can customize their own banana! Love it!

  6. I remember these from my girl scout days! Now why haven’t we tried these at home? Yummy party idea, too.

  7. We used to make these in girl scouts! Memories!

  8. We make these when we go camping. Love all the new ideas I have for them because of your post. So cool!

  9. Woah. Why have I never done this before? I’m headed to the store for bananas right now.

  10. This is so cute! What a neat idea, and the dessert bar is a great idea as well!

  11. This is such a cute idea! I pinned it to my “Get Together and Chow” board. I never thought of letting my kids make their own grilled bananas – but they will LOVE it!

  12. This is definitely one of my all time favorite summer desserts. We always do this for camping too! Such a fun and easy treat. I never thought to add honey or granola though…I will definitely be trying that next time!

  13. OMG! I remember these from camp! Awesome

  14. Oh this is such a great idea and I cannot wait to try it for my kids!!I’m sure they’ll love it :)

  15. Diana @EatMoveShine says:

    This is SO MUCH FUN!!! I’ve never seen this before… and am loving it! Pinning now ;-)

  16. This brings back so many memories of childhood with our banana boats. Reminds me I need to do this with my boys.

  17. Instant banana happiness!

  18. I love these! We always called them “banana boats” back in the days of Girl Scout camp – we’d throw them in the bonfire to cook. Such gooey delicious treats!

  19. Oops! Forgot to mention on my last post that I featured this recipe too!! Thanks again for sharing your fabulous recipes! :)

  20. This is a very cool recipe. I’m not a fan of banana’s but I love this post!

    • Thanks Yosef! I have friends who can’t stand the texture and taste of bananas so I know this definitely would NOT be for them. But if you have anyone who does, this is a fun one.

  21. Tandra Boyer says:

    Im confused..I PINNED this recipe to Pinterest, yet it was deleted because of copyright infringement, yet you have a PIN IT button right underneath it….

    Anyway it looks totally delish and I will be trying the recipe!

    • Hi Tandra,
      I got the notice too — and I’m just as confused. I’ve filed a notice with Pinterest about it so hopefully the situation will be resolved soon. You definitely didn’t do anything wrong…it even sent the same thing to me and it’s MY image of something I made and photographed. And thank you for your sweet comment!

  22. Tandra Boyer says:

    Well what is HILARIOUS is I just RePinned it after my comment here…..and I JUST NOW got another email that they deleted it again!!! hahaha


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