Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes Recipe

These Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Crepes are a healthy and versatile meal featuring milk, one of the most affordable ways to start your day off right.

Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes

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Growing up, milk was somewhat of a luxury. We didn’t have a lot of money and milk just wasn’t something my parents were able to spend their money on.

As I began to have children, my husband and I both agreed that we always wanted to have milk available for our children. We’ve known that it was a great source of high-quality protein — there’s more protein in 8 ounces of milk than in an egg. Plus, milk has essential nutrients, such as B vitamins, vitamin A, and 5 bone-building nutrients, including calcium and vitamin D, calcium, and potassium. We figured, if our kids like milk (which they do), and it has all these benefits, we are going to make it available to them.

Most of the milk drinking in our house happens in the morning. Since spreading out your protein throughout the day can optimize how your body uses it, making sure to include enough protein at breakfast is important. To start your day right, I’m sharing a recipe that is delicious and full of protein. These Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes not only include milk, but also eggs, whole grains, and more. They are extremely versatile too. While I prepared ours in a southwestern style, you could change this recipe to include your favorite toppings.

To start, you will make your whole-wheat crepe batter. After you make this, it will need to be refrigerated for 1 hours, so be sure to do this first.

Whole Wheat Crepe Batter 2

While your crepe batter is sitting in the refrigerator, you can make up your scrambled eggs. I used 12 eggs and added 1/2 cup of milk to them.

Scrambled Eggs

Then, you’ll make your crepes. They are fairly easy to make, but can take a bit of practice if you’ve never made them before. Without a doubt, the first crepe I make in every batch doesn’t turn out very well, so don’t be discourage if you have any troubles too.

Whole Wheat Crepes

The crepes are rolled up with scrambled eggs and any other toppings you wish to use. I used diced tomatoes, avocado, and cotija cheese, but there are so many options for these.

Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes

Here’s the complete recipe – ready for you to print or save to your ZipList recipe box:

Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes
  • 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour
  • 3 large eggs
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup lowfat or fat free milk
  • 2 teaspoons oil (I used grapeseed oil)
  • 12 eggs
  • ½ cup lowfat or fat free milk
  • ½ tablespoon butter
  • Salt & Pepper, to taste
  • Optional toppings: diced green chilies, shredded cheese, crumbled cotija cheese, chopped tomatoes, sliced avocados, salsa, sour cream, crumbled bacon, etc
To make crepes:
  1. In a blender or food processor, combine flour, eggs, salt, milk, and oil. Process until smooth. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.
  2. In a 10" non-stick skillet, melt butter over medium heat and allow it to coat the bottom of the pan. Scoop ¼ cup of crepe batter into the center of the skillet and immediately tilt and rotate the pan in a circular motion to allow batter to coat entire bottom of the skillet.
  3. Cook until edges begin to dry out and bottom is lightly browned. With a spatula, lift the edge of the crepe and flip it over to cook the other side. Cook until the 2nd side is also lightly browned. Remove from pan and place on a plate. Continue with remaining batter, stacking finished crepes on top of each other to cool.
To make scrambled eggs
  1. While crepe batter is in refrigerator, whisk together the eggs and milk in a large bowl. In a large skillet, melt butter over medium heat, allowing the butter to coat the bottom of the pan. Pour in eggs and use a spatula to push and scrape eggs from bottom of skillet. You should be moving the eggs fairly often. Constant pushing/scraping will result in smaller pieces of egg, while slower pushing/scraping will result in large pieces.
  2. Continue just until there is no liquid egg left and only soft mounds of cooked egg exist (don't overcook). If you wish, you can stir in optional toppings at this point, like diced tomatoes or a small 4 oz can of drained diced green chilies. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
To assemble
  1. Lay 1 crepe on a plate. Place some eggs in a line in the middle, reaching from the left side to right side of the crepe. Top with additional toppings, if desired. Fold the bottom edge (which has no filling) over the ingredients. Repeat with the top edge and serve. Top of rolled crepe can also be topped with optional toppings, if you wish.
  1. Serve with an 8 oz glass of lowfat or fat free milk and fresh fruit of your choice, such as apples, grapes, or bananas.

The Breakfast Project

Did you know that 85% of Americans fall short of their milk recommendations? Here are 5 tips that can help:

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2. Include low fat and fat-free milk at breakfast to help close the gap between actual and recommended milk consumption.

3. At just about 25 cents per glass, adding an 8 oz. glass of fat-free or low fat milk to breakfast is an affordable and easy way to start your day off right and help you meet your recommended milk intake for the day (this tip can help you win at the #MyMilkMyPlate Twitter Party – see details below).

4. Don’t skip breakfast — research shows milk drinkers and breakfast eaters have more nutritious diets and tend to be leaner than non-milk drinkers and breakfast skippers.

5. The US Dietary Guidelines recommend eating right, staying active and drinking three glasses of low fat or fat free milk each day to maintain a healthy weight.

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Scrambled Egg Breakfast Crepes

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