Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Dipping Sauce

This Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Dipping Sauce recipe is perfect for all your dippable holiday appetizers, such as spring rolls, egg rolls, and more!

Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Sauce with SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

The holidays are one of the busiest times for many of us, so finding ways to save time can be essential. One of my time saving tricks for holiday parties is having an assortment of both homemade and pre-made, store bought appetizers – such as those in the frozen food department. I make homemade appetizers that are my “specialty” and ones that I enjoy making, and then fill in my menu with frozen appetizers that we enjoy. This method leaves me less stressed and with more time for celebrating — a total win/win.

One of my favorite things to do when I find a frozen appetizer that I like is to pair it with a homemade sauce. We love sweet and spicy sauces, plus David is crazy about pineapple, so I have a sauce I make that combines all that. It’s great for spring rolls, lumpia (Filipino spring rolls), egg rolls, and so much more.

This last week, I paired my Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Dipping Sauce with SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls. I picked them up at Walmart, which I saw displayed in a freezer right on the main aisle. You can also find them near the other SeaPak products.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls at Walmart #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

The SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls are the perfect example of a great holiday appetizer: easy to make, delicious, and they make a great presentation on a buffet table. Oh, you know how you sometimes buy seafood products and you can hardly notice the seafood in them? That’s not the case with these — you’ll find actual shrimp in these.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

It came with 16 spring rolls in the package, plus it’s own Sweet Thai Chili Sauce for dipping, which we also used to give even more dipping variety.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

They are really easy to make too. Just throw them on a baking sheet and bake for 16-17 minutes. I rolled them over about 1/2 ways through the baking and they were perfect when they were done.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls

As for my sauce, it’s super simple too. All of the ingredients are combined in your food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, you can also use a blender. After blending, the mixture is simmered on the stove and thickened. That’s it!

Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Sauce

Place the sauce into a bowl and place the bowl into the center of a large plate or platter. Then, lay the SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls around the edges, as you see in the image below. I prepared just one box (and they went FAST), but if you make more, you can still plate them this way, but stack them on top of each other, if necessary.

Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Sauce with SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

Here’s the complete recipe for making your own Sweet & Spicy Pineapple Dipping Sauce — it’s ready for you to print, save to your ZipList, or if you aren’t ready for it yet, pin it to Pinterest for safekeeping.

Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Dipping Sauce
  • 1 cup pineapple juice, unsweetened
  • ¼ cup granulated sugar
  • ¼ cup finely chopped red jalapenos (from a jar, adjust amount based on your heat preference)
  • 2 teaspoons minced garlic
  • 1 tablespoon cider vinegar
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • 6 sprigs cilantro
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons pineapple juice
  1. In a food processor or blender, blend together pineapple juice, granulated sugar, jalapenos, garlic, vinegar, salt, and cilantro until smooth.
  2. Pour mixture into a small saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer on medium for 5 minutes. While simmering, mix together cornstarch and 2 tablespoons pineapple juice in a small bowl until smooth. With a whisk, gradually blend in cornstarch mixture into pineapple juice mixture, which will thicken your mixture. Remove from heat. Cool and serve as a dipping sauce for spring rolls, egg rolls, etc.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

If you want to try the SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls before you buy them, there will be sampling demos at Walmart on this Sunday, December 8th, between 1pm to 5pm. Also, check out this article from Ladies Home Journal that shares “The 15 Best Frozen Appetizers to Serve at a Party” — and guess who’s included? Yep! SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls. And the Today Show mentioned them too.

SeaPak Shrimp Spring Rolls #PakTheParty #shop #cbias

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  1. says

    It’s official, I’m coming to your house for a visit!:) The Spring Rolls and sauce look delicious! What a great entertaining idea for the holiday season! #client

  2. Kelsey says

    This sauce looks amazing! I really want to make this but I can’t find red jalapeño in my area. Do you think green would work or completely change the flavor?

    • says

      Hi Kelsey,
      Yes, green will work but it will change the recipe a bit: the most noticeable change is that you won’t get a red color of the sauce. Also, red jalapenos are spicier, so using the same amount of green will result in it being less spicy than the red. Additionally, the red do have a slight bit of sweetness (where the green don’t). But since this is a sweet sauce, you might not notice much of that difference at all.


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