Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas

If you enjoy cooking, then you probably enjoy giving food gifts to friend and family. Christmas time is the main time I give food gifts. I bake ever year and have piles of goodies to give away to family and friends who live nearby. This wasn’t a tradition that my family had, but rather something I learned from my grandmother-in-law and my mother-in-law.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas

But beyond these plates of cookies at Christmas time, I have other food gifts I like to give and I have packaged them up in a broad variety of ways. Most of the time, I’m as frugal and as resourceful as possible. I guess I would rather to spend the extra money on my ingredients rather than the packaging. But there is still a lot of cute and creative ways to package food gifts without spending a lot of money.

As you know, one of my favorite stores to shop at is Smart & Final. I cruise through the food packaging aisles and often think about the cool ways their products can be used for food gifts. So, recently when I was asked if I had ideas to share related to packaging and kitchen items as part of their #FirstStreetGrand campaign, I jumped at the chance!

Here are a some of my creative and easy food gift packaging ideas:

There is nothing better than homemade, freshly baked cookies! This food gift idea uses a product you might not think of when it comes to creative food gift packaging. In the photo below you will see a First Street Loaf Pan. This one is the 1 1/2lb size.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas

The bottom part is an aluminum container and then there is a foil board lid. These are inexpensive too – this package from with 3 pans and lids and I only paid $1.79. It probably doesn’t look at that creative, right?

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas

Well, that’s before I got busy in Photoshop. I used a ruler and measured the lids and create a design with those dimensions with digital scrapbooking products. I printed out the design and then cut it so it would fit the lid. If you aren’t a digital scrapbooker or you don’t use Photoshop, you could also do something similar with scrapbook paper or even gift wrap.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cookie Pan

I turned the foil board lid over so the white (non-foil) side was facing up and applied glue to it.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cookie Pan

I placed the back of my design on top of the glue and pressed and smoothed it down securely. I let it dry for a bit and it was done and ready to be used.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cookie Pan

I neatly placed some parchment paper into the foil container to line it and then added my baked cookies. I was able to get 6 cookies into this container.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cookie Pan

I placed my lid on top of the cookies and folded the foil edges down onto the lid to secure it and now it is ready to give.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cookie Pan

Smart & Final sells these really cool First Street food storage containers. They are air-tight and plastic, and they come in a variety of sizes (some bigger and smaller than the one in my photo). What I love about these containers is that they are very inexpensive, so using them for gift giving is perfect. My container only cost $2.39. You can fill them with almost anything – candies, cookies, snack mix – the possibilities are endless.

One idea is to fill the container with a dry mix, such as a brownie mix. You could either make your own mixture or buy it in bulk, such as what I bought at Smart & Final. One big bag of the brownie mix is enough to fill a few of these containers (depending on the size you buy).

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Brownie Mix in a Jar

After you fill the container with your mix, be sure to attached a tag with the instructions. I filled my container with enough mix for two 8×8″ batches of brownies. I created a gift tag in Photoshop using digital scrapbooking supplies, printed it, cut it out, and tied it on with coordinating ribbons.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Brownie Mix in a Jar

This next idea is very frugal and it also reuses a Starbucks paper bag (you could use any paper bag if you don’t have a Starbucks bag). First, it starts with making a quick bread in a First Street Loaf Pan such as the one in my photo above. When I give bread for gifts, I like to bake them in these disposable pans and keep them in the same pan for gift giving. These pans are inexpensive too – costing only $1.49 for 3 pans at my local Smart & Final. I made a pumpkin bread, but you could make any bread that you like.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Pumpkin Bread

After the bread has baked and completely cooled, I wrapped the bread up in plastic wrap.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Pumpkin Bread


Using scalloped decorative edged scissors, I cut the top and the bottom off of my Starbucks bag, so that I would have just the middle portion. Cut open this middle part so that you have one big rectangle of paper bag.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Pumpkin Bread

I flipped the paper bag over and wrapped it around my pumpkin bread, with the Starbucks label and design on the inside. I secured it closed by applying a glue stick to the end.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Pumpkin Bread

After securing the paper bag around the bread, I tied on some raffia and it’s ready for gift giving!

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Pumpkin Bread

Here’s how to put together a fun little hot chocolate gift for kids. I’ve decided to go with a Halloween theme with my hot chocolate gift cup, but you could make these to fit any theme. I used First Street Plastic Food Wrap to wrap up some mini marshmallows and secured the plastic wrap with a bit of kitchen twine. I also used First Streeet 8oz Hot Cups and individual packets of hot chocolate.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Hot Chocolate in a Cup

I placed the hot chocolate package and the mini marshmallows into one of the foam cups. In Photoshop, I created a Happy Halloween tag with digital scrapbooking supplies. I printed it and cut it out and then using some ribbon, I tied the tag onto the cup while wrapping the entire cup up in some black mesh.

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Hot Chocolate in a Cup

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Hot Chocolate in a Cup

Want even more ideas?

Cookie Dough Logs are very easy to make with your favorite cookie dough. Learn how to make this food gift idea here:  Easy Homemade Gift – Cookie Dough Log

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cookie Dough Log

I also have a cute and frugal DIY cupcake holders that you are going to love! To find out how to make my cupcake holder idea, visit my post: Easy DIY Cupcake Holders

Creative & Easy Food Gift Ideas: Cupcake Holder

I hope you enjoyed my ideas as much as I enjoyed putting them together. I have even more creative food gift ideas that I plan to share with you in the future, so be sure to stayed tuned.

Note: This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias. All opinions are my 100% my own.

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  1. Karen Houghton says:

    I really enjoyed reading these gift ideas. I make a lot of cookies in a jar and give them as gifts as well as Trail Mix. Thanks for the additional ideas…


  2. What a creative and terrific idea! Love it.

  3. Love the OH HAPPY DAY tray of cookies!

  4. April Decheine says:

    I love this idea, I always give my salsa’s and pickles in jars over the holiday, your ideas are so much more creative!

  5. These are great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Melissa Roberts says:

    WOW great ideas..thanks for sharing…

    Melissa from WA

  7. Melissa Roberts says:

    did not mean to copy what deb said…i just said what i felt…anywho…thanks again!

  8. love ur ideas,very useful ♥

  9. Beverly in Mississippi says:

    Hi, Just found your site. You sure are creative. Loved all of your packaging ideas. I love
    to give food gifts. I will be trying some of these. Great recipes too!
    PS. I love printables!!


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